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  • Seren Books
    Who publish my poems, and my novel Folk Music.

    Shetland Today
    For the Shetland Bookshop, which publishes my novel Kirstie's Witnesses, and just about anything else you might want to know about Shetland.

    Press and intermittent magazine (when the editor has the wherewithal) which specialises in poems and translations. Sells, amongst other things, a pamphlet of poems in honour of George Mackay Brown with poems by yours truly plus, inter alia, Catherine Fisher, Deborah Randall and even a haiku by Seamus Heaney. Also poem postcards, one of them my poem "What If This Road".

    Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
    Who publish my mini-Selected What If This Road.

  • Wales
    Swansea University's Centre for Research into the English Language and Literature of Wales - an archive in process of completion but already has a lot of useful information.

    Peter Finch's Welsh Literary Links
    All the Welsh literary sites.

    Wales on the Web
    General Welsh links.

    The Welsh Academi
    Information about literary matters in Wales.

  • Friends
    Anthony Burns
    Young, unusually handsome and talented SF writer. Oh all right, he's my son. A new novel here, free to download.

    Sam Burns
    Blog of my daughter the playwright

    Catherine Fisher

    Powerful poems and spinechilling prose. She has also taught at the University of Glamorgan.

    Matthew Francis
    Poet and novelist and my ex-colleague at the University of Glamorgan, now teaching at Aberystwyth. Matthew's site also contains some pages on the poet W S Graham.

    Paul Henry
    Another fine Welsh poet who sometimes teaches at Glamorgan

    Christopher Meredith
    A Welsh novelist and poet who teaches at the University of Glamorgan. Everyone does, y'know. Contains poems and excerpts from his novels Sidereal Time and Griffri.  NB: this is an archived version of the site, which otherwise vanished with geocities. When he sets up a new one, I'll update the link.
    Andrew Craig Williams
    Young Welsh writer.

    Tribute site (German-language), set up by German actress and director Barbara Geiger, in memory of Lt Hans Hermann von Katte, executed in Prussia in 1730. Being, like Barbara, a hopeless Katte groupie (she calls him the Prussian James Dean), I have written some Katte poems which will eventually be on the site in English and German versions, maybe also audio. They form part of a radio play Barbara has devised and which has been touring in the Berlin area; reviews of performances on the site.

  • Martin Blyth
    I thought this site had disappeared with the sad death of Martin, but the British Library archived it - good for them. Much useful and interesting material, including an article on The Democratic Genre - direct link

  • General poetry sites
    Patrick Martin
    Easily the best place to go for information on any poet, living or dead, with a Web presence.

    Find Poetry
    Another great reference site.

    Poetry Archive
    What it says. A good place to find older texts you might be looking for. 
    My page in the Poetry Archive
    Where you can buy the CD! 

    The Poetry Kit
    General poetry information.

    Online information directory with a lot of writers' sites.

  • Sites with poems, translations or articles of mine online.
    Vitali Ashkinazi
    Interesting site in Russian and English with a Russian translation of the dreaded Sometimes.

    George Mackay Brown
    This is the web site dedicated to the great Orkney poet. There's a poem and an essay of mine on GMB online here.

     The literary blog of translator SadurnĂ­ VergĂ©s, with a Catalan translation of "The Extra".
    The Drunken Boat
    Site devoted to poetry translation - very interesting to anyone in this field. I'll be shot if I can make their pretty image links work, but luckily there are alternatives. Some of my translations from German and French are online here.
     Edwin Morgan Poetry Competition
    My poem "Travelling with Ashes" , a prizewinner in the 2009 competition, is online here.
    One of the umpteen sites with Sometimes on it, this catalogue of Bombay's gay, lesbian and bisexual resources also features lots of other poems from all times and cultures, selected by Vikram, who generally chooses very well.

    Guardian Saturday Poem
    Which was one of mine from way back (and not "Sometimes").

    A site with a Spanish translation, by Fernando Pedro, of my poem "Stalemate" (yippee!! Not Sometimes!)

    PN Review
    Web site of my favourite non-deceased poetry magazine. If you subscribe to this, you can get online access to all past issues, which is pretty much of a bargain. I've got some poems online here.

    The Poetry Library
    Which now has online issues of magazines, including some of Poetry Wales. This link goes to the issue with poems from Earth Studies online, but pages on the site devoted to other mags may have some of mine too.
     Sequels and Spin-offs
    Issue of the Wisconsin radio programme To the Best of Our Knowledge that discussed fan fiction, in which I did a slot.
    Online archive of my favourite poetry magazine, now, alas, deceased. Some poems and book reviews I've written are online here.

    Web journal, ed. Sue Tordoff. Issue 1 has some poems of mine plus an interview. The site has gone now, but thanks to the great Wayback Machine can still be found....

    The Wondering Minstrels
    Poetry archive with a couple of mine in it.

    Words Unlimited
    Interview with me on Pam Johnson's blog
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