Book covers Book covers Long-Haul Travellers Poems: Seren 52593450 Later Selected Poems Seren 52593452 The Movement of Bodies Poems: Seren 52593448 Stonelight Poems: Seren 52593457 The Beautiful Lie Poems: Seren 52593446 The Democratic Genre Fan fiction in a literary context: Seren 52593451 Folk Music Novel: Seren 52593458 Sing for the Taxman Poems: Seren 52593449 Prisoners of Transience Translations of French and German poems: Seren 52593453 Id's Hospit Poems: Seren 52593455 Selected Poems Seren 52593454 Kirstie's Witnesses Novel: Shetland Times Publishing 52593456 What If This Road Poems: Gwasg Carreg Gwalch 52593447