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Poet and novelist

Poet and prose writer

Hello. I'm Sheenagh Pugh, a poet and novelist originally from Wales, now living in Shetland. My site has a biography, details of events, news of published and forthcoming books and FAQs, also prose and poems, including new ones and some from my latest collection, Long-Haul Travellers. Plus links to interesting places.

  The poems, translations and prose on this site are copyright © Sheenagh Pugh. If you want to quote, or ask a queston, email me here. But so that I don't think it's spam or a virus, use a sensible header, not "hi"! My publisher's email for enquiries about books is here. If it's "Soimetimes" you want to quote, please check here - it may save us all email.

I'm afraid I can't comment on your poems. For feedback, try Leaf Books, who do critiques for a modest fee.

 I'm also now blogging on book-related matters at am collecting some old and new book reviews  there.

I've  put up a page of news on my latest collection, Long-Haul Travellers and added a cover image and a link to an online review - plus a free sample which changes from time to time. Long-Haul Travellers was shortlisted for the Roland Mathias Prize and longlisted for the Wales Book of the Year Prize.  I've also put up news on my Later Selected Poems and a photo from its launch in Cardiff. Two pages of FAQs have been amalgamated; FAQs for Exams is now part of the general FAQs page.

  Back in June 2012, I put up news of my CD recorded with the Poetry Archive .  I also  decided it was time to delete the Guestbook - it's been fun over the years, but these days there are easier and faster methods for people to get in touch, like Facebook, Twitter (see below) and the email addresses on this site.

Last update March 2014 (date for launch of new collection).

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